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Suppliers, Manufacturer, Exporter for all kind of knitted garments in Tirupur in India.






CHILDREN'S WEAR : Children-Shirts, Polo shirts, Singlets, Tops, Tank tops, Dresses, Skirt, Pyjama set, Pyjama shorts, Graphic T-shirts, Sweat shirt, Hoodies, Pullover T-shirts, Sportswear, Pants, Leggings, Shorts, Slip, Bermuda shorts, Scooter with shorts, Underwear, Woven pants, Wovent tops, Night wear, Day wear, Casual wear, Denim jegging.

LADIES WEAR : T-shirt, Polo T-shirt, Tops, Tank Tops, Camisoles, Sweat shirt, Hooded sweat shirt, Pullover shirt, Night wears, Sports wear, Ladies leggings, Ladies dolman Sleeve tops, Ladies Pant, Ladies capri, Ladies jogger pant, Yoga tops, Yoga shorts, Yoga pant, Denim jegging, Shorts, Night Wears & Maternity Wear.

MEN'S WEAR : Mens T-shirt, Mens polo shirt, Mens singlet, Mens swaet shirt, Mens hooded sweat shirt, Mens pullover T-shirt, Mens Pyjama Sets, Mens shortama sets, Hoodies, Pants, Shorts, Night wears and Sports Wear.

BABY'S WEAR : Baby bodies, Baby cross over body, Baby romper, Baby all in one pyjama , Baby Jacket, Baby Shirt Set Girls, Newborn Set, Baby jump suit, Baby sleeping bag, Baby scarf, Baby bib, Baby towel, Baby Play Rug, Baby t-shirt, Baby frock, Baby dress, Baby mitten, Baby cap, Baby underwear, Baby over all Nicky, Baby nicky set, Baby romper in nickey, Baby pyjama in nickey.


FABRIC : Single Jersey, Yarn dyed jersey, Feeder stripers, Auto stripes, Engineer Stripes, Lycra jersey, Lycra Viscose, Lycra fleece, Interlock, Drop needle interlock, Pique, Honey comb, 1x1 Rib,
2x2 Rib, Lycra Rib, Pointal Rib, Jacquard fabric, Fleece, Junk loop French Terry, Micro polar fleece, Polar Fleece, French Terry, Mercerized, Vellour, Knitted Denim, Nubby French terry etc.,

BLENDS  : 100% Cotton, 100% Rayon, 100% viscose,100% Polyester, Cotton /Spandex, Poly/ Cotton, Rayon/spandex, viscose/ spandex, Poly/Rayon/Spandex, Nubby yarns ,Grey Mélange, colour mélange etc.,

PRINT & EMBELLISHMENTS : Pigment Print, Non-PVC Print, Plastisol print, Discharge Print, Reactive print, Foil Print, Foam Print, Glitter Print, Burn out print, High Density print, Flock Print,
Sublimation print, Photo print, All over print, Sugar glitter, Motiff print, Spray print, Polka dot print etc., Sequin Embroidery, Applique Embroidery, Rhinestones, Dome Studs, Cone studs, Pearl Beads, Nail heads, Acrylic Gems stones, Lace works, Chiffon flowers, Hand sewn sequins, Hand sewed Beads, Etc.

SPECIAL WASH : Enzyme Wash, Acid Wash, Stone Wash, Burnout Wash, Silicon wash, vintage wash, Cold pigment dye, Garment dyeing, Tie & dye etc.,