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  • Safe & healthy working environment.


We conduct our operations keeping in mind the difficulties faced by importers in sourcing high quality apparel. With our vast experience and expertise, we, at Mirra Creations buying & Sourcing offer quality conscious and dedicated services to our customers. We efficiently manage all aspects of a client's buying operations in Tirupur in india. Our range of specialized services include:

Selection of Vendors

We assess factories in terms of product range, quality of the products, production capacity, facilities, financial capability, technology orientation, man power, working conditions, managerial efficiency and the overall quality policy of the vendors. Once our initial assessment is conducted, we exchange information with our principals and make a informed decision in approving selected vendors.


We provide samples that are developed to incorporate colors, fabrics and styles based on the requirements of our buyers. We manufacture samples in quantities as required by our customers . By offering this vital service, we sharpen the marketing efforts of our buyers in their region by giving them an edge over their competition.

Total Quality Control in order Execution: (Quality Management)

We closely monitor orders from the moment of sampling to the time of shipment. We provide updated status on sampling, production and shipment to our buyers on a regular basis. A pro-active approach is maintained towards the identification of problem areas and immediate application of corrective measures to ensure timely delivery of products. Our quality monitoring system pertaining to production incorporates these four stages
· Pilot run -
It entails minimizing risks through the checking small pilot run, material components, accessories / user manuals etc.
· Online -
We carry out regular inspections during production to verify that all initial discrepancies have been rectified and also ensure that required quality standards are maintained during production.
· Final Random Inspection (FRI) -
we carry out random inspections after production, while the total consignment is packed and readied for shipment. These inspections are carried out as per International [AQL] Inspection Standards.
The detailed physical inspection of the samples selected at random is based on specifications of the buyers and cover criteria like design / style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, measurements, packing etc.

Status Reporting

Status report is based on multi-state inspection and transmitted to the buyers. The production progress is analyzed in relation to delivery terms and suitable course of action is taken to ensure that goods are delivered in time. Consignments are readied for shipment only if they match up-to the standards required by our buyers.

Documentation and Shipping Co-ordination

Shipping documents are checked as per the buyer's instruction and the copy documents are sent to buyers well in advance of the shipment to avoid any discrepancies.

Laboratory Tests

Laboratories are an extremely valuable component of our services that facilitate smooth business transactions between manufacturers & exporters. Our laboratory services include to check color matching as per the requirement, weight, dimensional stability, shrinkage, appearance after washing, color fastness to washing and staining, rubbing.


We are working with certified factories as below and also with non- certified but standard factories.
Oeko TEX, SA 8000,ISO,Cedex,BSCI,Global Organic textiles standered – GOTS, Wrap & Disney